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The Big Throbbin’ Sound Machine Mobile Disco was formed in 1995 when two experienced DJs (Surefunk and Ricky Martini) joined forces with two relative new comers (Froth and Mo Pulse).

Froth and Mo Pulse had been DJing in universities and colleges in London for about a year and had just returned from doing several sessions in night clubs in Strasbourg. Surefunk and Ricky Martini had both been DJing since the eighties. They had been doing both private (weddings, parties, night clubs, pubs and wine bars) and corporate functions in and around London and at times other parts of the UK.

Their combination of youth and experience gives The Big Throbbin’ Sound Machine Mobile Disco an immediate advantage when playing to mixed crowds and parties - since they are able to play 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and chart music and cover a vast genre of music including cheesey disco, pop, dance, garage, house and afro-caribbean. This makes them highly appealing for corporate functions, weddings, pubs, hotels and family parties were the audience is often of a mixed age or musical tastes.

However, the various styles of the DJs also make the BTSM Mobile Disco very flexible because they are able to play to almost any crowd. Making them ideal for night clubs and house parties, where the audience is of the same age and into the same music.

In 2002 the BTSM was joined by DJ Night Fever, a professional of twenty years, to help cover the ever-increasing number of bookings.

The BTSM Mobile Disco - seven years and still going strong!

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